Corra bike ride success

ONCE again the Corra Charity Bike Riders hit the road, this year they rode from Grimsby golf course.

Twenty two riders and about eight support drivers left Featherstone at 5am on Sunday September 2 for the starting point of this year’s charity ride.

Leaving Grimsby at 7am, they headed for home, there weren’t any Olympic crowds to cheer them on, only the odd wily old fox and the lonely hedgehogs at the roadside giving the bleary eyed riders a look of sympathy, but silently they must have thought them all to be a little crazy, leaving their warm beds this early in the morning.

It wasn’t all plain sailing, or should I say riding, we had one batch of riders who took the wrong turning and separated from the main pack, suddenly someone realised they were short of some riders, and a round-up started. They were soon sighted, they must have thought they were in the Olympics, head down they were making great progress but unfortunately not in the right direction. They were soon rounded up and brought back into the fold.

The bike ride charity has been running for 15 years and has raised lots of money for local hospitals and for handicapped people in and around Featherstone, and hopefully it will continue for many more years.

Some riders have done all the rides over the years but 15 years is a long time and it is taking its toll on one or two of the riders, there were a few aching limbs after Sunday’s ride and a few moans and groans were heard when they arrived back at Girnhill Lane WMC in Featherstone. Although said in jest, I think there was some realism deep down.

Our two main beneficiaries this year are Star House in Featherstone and Eden Place at Ackworth

Our presentation night will be held on October 19 at Girnhill Lane WMC Featherstone, everyone is welcome.



Corra Charity Bike Ride