Couple strike gold

DEDICATED metal detectors Jacqueline and John Wilson struck gold when they unearthed a 1940s wedding ring.

The find was the couple's first gold object in two years of metal detecting and now they want to find its owner so they can give it back.

Mr Wilson, 46, of Smawthorne Avenue, Castleford discovered the 18-carat gold ring in a field at Cawood, near Selby, buried about four inches deep.

The ring is a thin band – believed to be a man's size – and inscribed with the names Denise and James and the date 1947.

Mrs Wilson, 38, said: "John and I got married in August this year so we're keen to find the owner because we know how precious wedding rings are. We can't make out the hallmark on the ring – it might be a foreign hallmark. John was really excited when he heard the detector beep and realised what he had found."

The couple belong to the Central Yorkshire Metal Detecting Club, which has offered to restore the ring because it is slightly bent.

Mrs Wilson added: "We took the ring to the farmer who owns the land where John found it, but he didn't want to keep it. If we don't find the owner we will put it on display at our club's stand at the Cawood Festival."

Jacqueline, who has four children, said that she and John enjoyed their hobby so much they would be willing to use their metal detectors free of charge to help anyone else find precious items which have been lost. They are insured by the National Council for Metal Detecting.

Some of their previous finds, including a Roman coin and Roman brooch, are on display in Pontefract Musuem.