Jail for ‘violent’ robber

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A robber was caught after a witness bravely followed him in her car and pointed him out to an officer after seeing him attack a man in the street.

Leeds Crown Court heard that Ryan Camfield struck on the evening of July 29 in Knottingley Lane, Pontefract when he saw James Lugton going home carrying a rucksack.

Simon Haring, prosecuting, said Camfield approached Mr Lugton and asked to borrow his phone “to ring a mate.”

When he replied that he did not have any credit on his phone and continued walking he suddenly felt a pain to the back of his head and as he turned was punched in the face three times by Camfield causing him to fall to the ground.

He was then kicked by his attacker on the ground and when he got to his feet Camfield carried on hitting him, demanding the rucksack, before he ran off with it leaving his victim bruised and with a cut to his face.

That incident was witnessed by Adele Stokes who got into her car and followed the robber until she saw a police community support officer on a bike and flagged him down pointing Camfield out.

That officer then gave chase and caught up with Camfield and was struggling with him so Adele Stokes bravely again gave help by assisting the officer only to be kicked on her shins two or three times by the robber for her pains, said Mr Haring.

Police officers arrived and arrested Camfield who, the court heard, was jailed for 12 months for robbery in March last year.

Stephen Swan representing him said he was something of a loner who operated at a “very basic level.” The offence that night happened after a row with his girlfriend and Camfield drinking and taking what he thought was Mcat but which he was later told was amphetamines. He blamed that combination for his actions that night.

Camfield, 23 of no fixed address admitted robbery and common assault.

Jailing him for four years, the Recorder of Leeds, Judge Peter Collier QC said Camfield had a bad record having appeared for 85 offences in the past including the robbery last year.

The latest offence was a sustained attack, he had punched and kicked his victim on the ground and continued hitting when he got up.

Having been followed and caught he then continued to be violent, kicking out at the woman who tried to assist the community support officer.