‘Power station has a future’

Bosses say Ferrybridge Power Station has a long-term future despite plans to close its coal fired generation units.

Operators SSE announced plans to close the coal-fired units by the end of 2023 or after 17,500 operational hours – whichever comes first – last month.

SSE still has the option to rescind the proposal by January 2016.

A spokesman for SSE said: “It’s far too early to say what the job implications will be.

“At the moment there is a risk but there is no certainty because all we had to do was make a decision by the end of the year otherwise we lost the option to rescind it.”

SSE’s decision came after the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs announced the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) which starts in 2016 and aims to cut pollution.

Under the directive, SSE could have chosen to fit the units with new technology to make them cleaner.

The spokesman added: “Ferrybridge does have a long-term future and I am confident that power will be produced there for many years to come.

“We didn’t want to lose Ferrybridge and ultimately this was the best option. It gives us an opportunity to assess the site for two years.”