Darren ready to take on world’s best stock car racers

Castleford stock car racer Darren Shaw in action in number 377.
Castleford stock car racer Darren Shaw in action in number 377.
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Castleford stock car racing driver Darren Shaw is set to test himself against the best in his sport when he competes in the World Formula 2 Final in Cowdenbeath, Scotland, this weekend.

Shaw has been racing for 12 years, but is enjoying a fantastic season in 2014 after taking possession of a new car built by TLF, of Wisbech.

So far he has raced to seven wins this year in events all over the country and qualified for the World Final on row four. It will be the biggest meeting of the year and will involve drivers from all over the world looking to win the prestigious title.

The Castleford man competes in BRISCA F2 Stock Car racing, which involves more than 500 drivers and takes place on more than 25 tracks with in excess of 200 meetings a season from the north of Scotland down to the south west of England.

BRISCA F2 Stock Car racing is the largest singe seater motor sport in Europe, offering fast, spectacular race action as drivers push, shove and hit each other out of the way in pursuit of glory round a small quarter-mile oval track.

Drivers are graded on a month to month chart with new starters having white tops on the cars before progressing to yellow, blue and the top grade of red – earned by Darren in 2014 – which means they have to start from the back of an often 36-car grid.