The Yorkshire Witches: Mary Bateman, Mary Pannal and Mother Shipton

There are many stories which circulate the UK about historic witches who could perform magic, cast spells and create potions. Yorkshire has a rich past of tales about a few certain witches who forever carved their names in the history books.

Three of Yorkshire’s most weird and wonderful Easter traditions

Three of Yorkshire’s most weird and wonderful Easter traditions

Easter-themed events will shortly be happening all around Yorkshire, but there are a few time-old traditional events related to Easter which occur every year in the region, and which are somewhat unusual in their nature.
The Bront Sisters frequently visited York

York’s Literature Festival opens its doors

Today marks the first day of the York Literature Festival, an event which is set to see a great number of people attend and which will run until March 26.

The All Saints Church and Monolith in Rudston

The ancient ruins and monuments which reveal Yorkshire’s Pagan past

Paganism is a wide and varied religion, which covers a great number of spiritual and religious beliefs. It has seen a peak in interest over the past few years and there are many Pagan groups all over the Yorkshire region.

The iconic puff sleeve

Iconic 80s and 90s fashion trends making a comeback in 2018

Fashion trends in the 80s and 90s were known for being colourful, creative and usually a little bit wacky. However, no matter how good, bad and ugly, they continue to keep making comebacks. There are five iconic items of clothing widely remembered from the 80s and 90s, which are set to come back in 2018. Although they’re now in fashion and on trend, they might be items which would have been better left behind.

Would you dare to wear the iconic mullet?

Do you remember these 6 iconic 1980s hairstyles?

Trends come and go and when it comes to hairstyles this is also the case. The 80s produced a wild array of wild and wonderful hairstyles, some of which may continue to be revived, some of which may be best left forgotten.

Celebrate St.Patrick's Day with all the family

Six St.Patrick’s Day Events happening in Yorkshire

St.Patrick’s Day is almost upon us once again, as this Saturday March 17 will see celebrations galore for the foremost patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick.

Whats on
Yorkshire has a history of talented sporting women.

Eight Yorkshire sportswomen who set the bar high

The past few years have seen a rise in Yorkshire sporting stars, with athletes winning medals in competitions such as the Olympics, Paralympics and Commonwealth Games.
Wearing a hat and taking a hot drink with you can help during the cold weather

Beast 2.0: Top tips for staying warm in the cold weather

With England about to see the return of the 'Beast from the East' , the bitterly cold weather is set to return and so does the need to stay as warm as possible.

When will Spring finally arrive?

Equilux or Equinox: When exactly will Spring start?

People usually define the arrival of Spring as point of daylight hours increasing and the weather improving.
Part of the innovative Northern Forest, which is set to come to fruition in 25 years

The Northern Forest: All you need to know about the giant forest that will follow the M62 across the country

In January of this year, the UK Government unveiled plans for a new, innovative forest which will span the North of England, aptly named the ‘Northern Forest’.

Proud to be Yorkshire: 14 of the greatest women who hailed from the White Rose county

Thursday 8th March sees the world celebrate women around the world as part of International Women’s Day.

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