Persistent vandalism puts popular Pontefract bus route at risk

A bus operator could scrap one of its regular services because of vandals who threw a brick through the window of the moving vehicle.

Thursday, 13th February 2020, 2:41 pm

The brick narrowly missed stunned passengers but showering them in glass.

And Ross Travel said it is the latest of three incidents in the past three months in which either stones or bricks have been hurled at the 144 service as it passes along Halfpenny Lane in Pontefract, damaging the windows.

Ross Travel director Paul Bullock with one of the service buses that have been targeted by vandals in Pontefract. Picture Scott Merrylees

The Featherstone-based company has been forced to foot the bill each time and say despite reporting the issues to the police, little has been done.

They are now considering removing the service altogether if the problems persist.

Director Andrew Stirling said: “There are a lot of pensioners that use that route, but we may have to withdraw it if keeps happening - it serves the Prince of Wales Hospice as well.

“We do not know what to do really, we can’t just keep going there and having windows put through. We have been lucky so far that no one has been seriously injured, especially when that brick came through the window.”

Mr Stirling says that on one recent occasion there were youngsters running alongside and “peppering” the bus with stones.

On occasions the company has been reduced the service after 3.30pm during the week to avoid youngsters heading home from school.

Mr Stirling added: “Had it been a night service we would have had a pulled it by now I think. It’s hourly at the moment just during the day and if it’s ever late we get phone calls, so it is being used.

“It’s frustrating for everybody and it’s very disruptive.”

The company say they are now wanting people to contact them with information for those responsible.

Call them on 01977 792106 with details.