Wakefield's ABC Cinema: A Wetherspoons, cocktail bar, homeless shelter and something for the kids - you have your say on what should happen to the building

You have your say on what should happen to the building.
You have your say on what should happen to the building.

With the news that a plan to demolish the derelict ABC cinema on Kirkgate to make way for a car park has been withdrawn, readers have been making their suggestions on what should happen to the site.

The cinema was considered to be beyond repair and earmarked for demolition, but opinion was mixed over whether a historical building in the city should be lost completely.

FULL STORY: Plan to demolish Wakefield's ABC Cinema to make way for car park withdrawn
Many of the ideas given on our Facebook site were to redevelop the building into either a music venue or drinking establishment, with others people thinking renoving it into a place to help homeless people would be a good idea.

Here's what you have been saying:

Malcolm Clayton: "Would make a great Wetherspoons."

Jan Davies Evans: "Would make a wonderful food bank and homless shelter with a little work. Making use of a once beautiful building."

Kirsty Blower: "Would make a great cocktail bar and event space."

Adrian Wilkinson: "It's an old derelict building. It's an eyesore. Knock it down and build some nice new apartments with shops and restaurants and bars. Perfect to start the regeneration of Kirkgate."

Ian Brum Dobson: "They'll do what they want anyway - take away the old listed market and replace it with a costly eyesaw that was never water tight and didnt work , that was another great idea."

John Anderson: "This part of Wakefield needs a restoration scheme, however, it's not solely down to the council it's down to interested parties coming together and forming a trust or partnership to develop ideas and schemes to attract funding to make it happen. Stop assuming everything is the responsibility of the Authority and step up and take control."

Paul Gibbs: "All those years this building has been allowed to rot and nobody still knows what to do with it , I would of thought a forward thinking council would of have had plans years in advance to turn this into something special that would of had people flocking to come to Wakefield , but no more delays and still no idea on what to do with this magnificent building."

Martyn Brook: "Restore it to its former glory and at least save a little part of Wakefield's history."

Carole Harrison: "A proper music venue to attract arena size bands. We are a city, it would bring people in spending money for all the other businesses."

Gary Harman: "I've said before keep the facade and build on to it a building that could be used for anything, I'm sure there's a architect talented enough."

Netty Edwards: "It’s an absolute eyesore. That part of the so called city has been crying out for development for decades. Why can’t it be developed into something for kids to do like they have at Castleford? Like the indoor climbing? Anything. If the council can’t get it developed Get the thing sold. The surrounding towns of the SO CALLED CITY Have more things for the families to do."

Richard Stephenson: "Look at what is happening to the Odeon Bradford, it could be a cinema and also available for community use, main auditorium is art deco and should be preserved and retained for future generations, too few 1930s cinemas still exist."

Dan Shearon: "Just a idea, make it into a up market cinema, serving drinks, cocktails, decent food and play classic movies as well as new blockbusters. Stick with the art decor theme."

Mary Swinden: "Even if the building fell down, a car park isn't needed. The new one down by the Ruddy Duck has about 5 cars in it each day, so clearly there isn't a parking issue down that end of town! I think the facade should be restored, but the inside could be anything - a hotel, department store, cafe/restaurant, apartments - whatever has most need!"

Martin Wightman: "Bowling or 3D golf, something similar to exscape at Castleford because there is nothing for kids in Wakefield."

Jane Kershaw: "Ice skating/disco rolling/bowling, get the kids and families in, listen to what people want and bring Wakefield back to life."

Gillian Lockwood: "Build an indoor market with a little cafe inside. We need a market."

Cathy Weaver: "Make it for families, ice skating rink, bowling...listen to the people for once."