Schools show the true meaning of Christmas by supporting their community

Schools in Airedale have shown their Christmas spirit this year, by helping their community in the season of giving...

Wednesday, 16th December 2020, 4:59 pm
Airedale Academies donations to Castleford Trinity Mission, with Head Boy Cameron, and Head Girl Libby

Staff and pupils from across Northern Ambition Academies, including Airedale Junior School and Airedale Academy, have been supporting local businesses, groups and individuals to gather donations to help the vulnerable in their town.

Airedale Junior School began by creating over 50 Christmas gift boxes for local people who may not have a gift to open this Christmas.

They have since been working with shops, staff, parents and carers to gather donations for the gift boxes and the school food bank.

Airedale Juniors foodbank for those families who are struggling

Older pupils at Airedale Academy chose to support the local organisation, Castleford Trinity Mission, which is based at the Methodist Church in the town centre of Castleford.

The Trinity mission works with homeless people in the area as well families who are facing temporary or long term hardship as a result of sudden unemployment or illness.

Staff and students donated a large amount of non-perishable food items, toiletries and gifts to the Mission, to boost their supplies before the Christmas holiday period.

Northern Ambition Academies Trust said in a statement: “This year, times are incredibly tough for many of our families, but we are certain that those who can, will dig deep to support this incredible local charity.

“Christmas is about giving and we are incredibly proud of the spirit of kindness displayed by our school and communities, especially at the close of what has been such a challenging year for so many.

“Children and staff from across all of our schools have shown resilience and bravery during these tough times.

“They have adapted to the changes with determination and commitment showing and should be very proud of what they have achieved in spite of Covid-19.”

Airedale Academy also received a mysterious donation from an anonymous member of the local community, and will be using this as an example to teach the students about the importance of kindness.

The statement also read: “We have already received a large cash donation from an anonymous member of the local community who saw our Christmas Food Drive advertised on our social media pages and wished to add their support.

This amazing act of kindness speaks volumes of the community spirit in place in Airedale and we will use this act of incredible kindness to teach our young people about demonstrating their own acts of kindness to spread joy in their families and local community this festive period.”