Wakefield school’s show is a rock solid hit

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It was back to the Stone Age at Featherstone J and I School, as pupils became crazy cave-folk in ‘Rock Bottom’.

Seven to 11 year olds delighted capacity audiences as The Cobblestones,with boy inventor Bobby up to his neanderthal neck in trouble when he discovered his new boss hid a dark secret.

With monsters on the prowl and a volatile volcano - Krakatoe-or-two - ready to blow its top, Bobby become a little boulder and hatched a plan to save his family, his friends and Rock Bottom.

The neolithic naughty fun included a flock of prehistoric birds, a dippy dinosaur, and a sabre-tooth tiger called Tiddles.

Catchy songs soon got the audience rocking, and laughing along with a pun-tastic script as sharp as a flint.

Headteacher Michelle Cunnington said: “The show was jam packed with witty one-liners, outstanding singing, dancing and acting.

“The talents of the children really shone through. The performance was enjoyed by all and I was extremely proud of every single pupil!”