Young director helps school produce video for the NHS telling them they are 'Simply the Best'

A 13-year-old pupil has helped direct a virtual thank you message to the NHS with the help from staff at his school.

Wednesday, 29th April 2020, 10:50 am
13-year-old James has directed and edited a virtual thank you message to the NHS with the help from staff at his school

James Thompson, who is in Year 9 at Brigshaw High School in Allerton Bywater, has been utilising his lockdown time to create a video featuring the teachers at his school saying thank you to the NHS.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday night and has since been viewed over 400 times.

James said: “In the current climate, I thought it would be nice for all the teachers to get together virtually and show appreciation for the NHS from our school.

“I contacted the headteacher to ask if it was OK and she thought it was a lovely idea and she was more than happy to support me making the video.”

An email was sent to all the teachers, asking them to contribute a short video of them showing their appreciation for the NHS.

The teachers then sent their footage to James who got busy editing the video straight away.

James said: “I was overwhelmed with the teacher's response, so much creativity went into making the short videos.

“In just a week I had 30 videos of the teachers saying thank you and clapping for the NHS, and I put it to the song ‘Simply the Best’ by Tina Turner because I think it’s relevant to the NHS workers.

On Sunday night, James had finished editing and sent the final piece to the teachers.

James said: “My mum got a call from the headteacher saying how proud the school is and that the video brought tears to her eyes.

“I’m studying media next year and IT and there will be photography involved so it links together with that.

“I can see me doing something like this in my future, mostly I hope that if someone from the NHS sees the video that it will make them happy.”