Newfield Lodge care home offers new new chapter for residents – from a salon to a cinema!

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Friday, 3rd January 2020, 8:59 am
Newfield offers care and companionship

Fresh opportunities await us all at the start of a New Year, when it feels like the beginning of a chapter that is just waiting to be written. 2020 is no different and for people who might be thinking about the next step of moving into a care home, the turn of the year provides an opportunity to discover a new lease of life which is waiting for you at Newfield Lodge care home in Castleford.

Long gone is the fear of moving into care as homes such as Newfield Lodge are modern, experienced and trustworthy. With everything from a hair salon to a cinema room onsite, residents are encouraged to live life to the full.

Daily timetables of exciting social events, activities and trips keep everyone busy, and always with the full support that the care home environment provides giving the truly important elements of reassurance and safety at all times.

The salon will keep you looking and feeling great

Residents are encouraged to try something new, volunteering in local shops and taking up courses, ultimately taking back control of their lives, imagining a positive future and then making it a reality.

The dedicated and highly trained staff at Newfield Lodge provide tailored, person-centred care to their residents making the home much more than just a need or a last resort. They are in fact a hugely positive choice for residents and the next chapter in life, assisting them to go back to doing those things they no longer thought possible.

A game at Castleford Tigers, a trip back to their hometown of Newcastle, or even just regular ventures to the local shops or pub – all of these now feasible with the support of your care home.

Lynn Robinson, General Manager at Newfield Lodge said: “Residential care is now a really positive choice and a care home is part of so many people’s life journeys. It is my pleasure to make this a stress-free time, not just for our new residents but for their families too. To me, a care home should be a ‘home’ first and foremost but also a lifestyle choice – a community where residents still feel part of something meaningful.”

Residential care at Newfield is a positive choice

The Newfield Lodge lifestyle is inclusive, meaning residents can join in with all activities and trips, have their hair styled, and benefit from annual opticians and dental checks, without having to worry about additional fees.

Residents are moving to care for this peace of mind, and to live with like-minded people, revelling in the social element and the new lease of life this will inevitably bring.

Call 01977 522 508 and speak with a highly trained care professional to see how Newfield Lodge could be the positive choice you are looking for in 2020.

Newfield Lodge Residential and Dementia Care Home, Brookfield Avenue, Castleford, WF10 4BJ (operated by Ideal Carehomes).

Enjoy time on your own or in one of the many activities

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