Can you spot yourself on these night out pictures at Wakefield's Vegas Bar, The Gate and Religion?

Here's 19 more nights out pictures in Wakefield city centre from around 2012.

Friday, 7th May 2021, 4:03 pm
Updated Friday, 7th May 2021, 4:05 pm
Can you spot yourself?
Can you spot yourself?

Vegas Bar The Gate, Black Swan, Sports Bar and Reflex are all represented in this collection.

Nights out
Vegas bar: Bonnie, Clyde, Thelma, Louise
The Gate : Sue, Bob, Rosie, Big Jim
The Gate : Linden and Tara
The Gate : Tasha, Steph
Kev, Belle, Stephen, Scott, Sean
Nights out in Wakefield
Kenny, Jake & Chris in Sports Bar
Amy, Katie & Julie in Black Swan
Kyle, Jake, Richard & Jamie out on the town
Stuart, Peter & Craig out on the town
Andy, Tom, Willison, Scott & Jack in Reflex
Johnnie & Gemma in Reflex
Tanya, Sophie, Paul, Rick, Geri, Camilla, Danielle, Peter, Rosie, Michelle & Peter in Religion
Kev, Lee, Kiarni, Sophie, Simon, Adam, Junior, Janine & Kaye in Religion
Kim, Beth & Jodie out for Beth's 18th
Steven, Nicola, Leah & Danny
Amy, Becki, Sian, Ross, Nat, Kendal, Naomi & Damian in Black Swan
Wakefield Night Out