'It's becoming the place to go': Cash for Pontefract Park's famous lake signed off

Pontefract Park has been described as "the place to go", after further investment for the venue was signed off on Tuesday.

Thursday, 16th September 2021, 4:52 pm
Updated Thursday, 16th September 2021, 4:54 pm

Wakefield Council has committed to repairing the eroding banks that run around the edge of the park's lake, which in recent years have become a safety hazard to visitors.

A total of £1.3m will be spent on the scheme, which also includes plans for new platforms for the local anglers who use the water, as well as cultivation for the wildlife within the lake.

The Friends of Pontefract Park group welcomed news of the investment last week.

The condition of the waterside has deteriorated in recent times.

The venue is now drawing more visitors since a new £20m leisure centre, [email protected], was opened by the council earlier this year.

But parts of the lake's perimeter have been fenced off to the public, because of the dangerous condition the banks are in.

And speaking at a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, where the cash was confirmed, Councillor Maureen Cummings said: "Pontefract Park is now becoming the place to go, with Aspire, with the racecourse and with the lovely walk around the lake.

"To invest this to make it safe for the visitors of the park and to make it all part of the attraction is wonderful, I think."

Coun Maureen Cummings said the investment was "wonderful"

The local authority has said the work will result in closing the lake for a period of time and the scheme will timed so as not to disrupt events held at the neighbouring racecourse.

Councillor Matthew Morley added: "I was in Queen's Park in Castleford last weekend and it's just been an absolute transformation there and at all parks across the Wakefield district.

"After years of austerity and cutting back, it's good to see we're putting some investment back into these places.

"We've seen during lockdown how many people have been using them."

Cabinet member Matthew Morley also welcomed the investment.

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