Snow in Wakefield: 21 of your best photos from Pontefract, Castleford and the Five Towns as snow falls across the district

In case you missed it, today has been a snowy one in Pontefract and Castleford!

Tuesday, 2nd February 2021, 5:17 pm
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We asked our Facebook and Twitter followers to send in their best photos of snowy adventures, and gathered a few of our favourites below! Want to be featured in future? Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date, or share your photos with the #WakefieldWeekly hashtag.

Tara shared this snap of her little ones enjoying the frosty weather.
Danielle's family had to work together to reach the top of their snowman, which one friend dubbed the "best snowman in Pontefract".
Jamie-lea's little boy looked proud as punch with his two hefty snowmen!
Sanda's little boy took his own snow plough out to help clear the garden.
Louie and Bear were all smiles as they posed in the snow.
Grace showed off her very own custom igloo.
Oscar and Maddie proudly showed off their snowman.
Jack used the snow as a chance to practice his skiing!
And plenty of four-legged friends also made the most of the snow!
Orla was all smiles as she enjoyed her first sledge ride in Castleford this morning.
Jess Louise's little boy looked like a confident driver, despite the icy conditions!
Chase and Bodhi enjoyed a chilly snack as they sledged along.
This couple wrapped up warm for a walk around Pontefract Park.
Harry's snowman had a surprisingly full head of hair!
These two swans were on an adventure in the slush at Wintersett.
Amy and her son stopped to take a photo in the middle of a busy morning making snowmen!
Lily and Alfie's snowman was as big as they were!
But one snowman wasn't enough for Jacob, who used almost all the snow in his garden to craft his new friends.
Gemma's little girl made her very first snow angel!
Sky and Lily looked joyful as they explored the snowy landscape.
The ducks made the most of the icy weather by exploring the lake.