‘A confusing version of art’

HOORAY for Brian Lewis who rightly pointed out we have this small group of art critics, curators, gallery owners with whom it seems there is a free hand to foist upon the public their version of art (Express, May 19).

Recently at Yorkshire Sculpture Park we have had to admire a rusting pile of three steel girders called ‘Work No 700’. The other 699 are probably still in the scrap yard.

There was also a square of plaster dust interspersed with bath salt balls and a shelter where the visitor is simply meant to sit and look up at the sky through a hole in the roof. At Leeds City Art Gallery we have had exhibited an old and battered exit sign, two short pencils standing on end, a glass ashtray and nine spotlights shining on a wall. We had painted jelly moulds (quite liked them), large black painted metal full stops and apostrophes and a bottle taped to a tape recorder. Usually its art works are exhibited in large rooms with nobody present but a gallery attendant sitting reading a book, unless someone takes a group of schoolchildren round to boost the attendance tally.

It’s not all bad. I think we have Damien Hirst coming shortly, the kids will like the pickled animals even though they are past their sell-by date! Now to the Hepworth, not many people seem to like the look of it from the outside, but I bet it looks better than some of the stuff on the inside.

I just hope when the arts elite have their next meeting to decide on the next piece of art work to amaze and confuse us someone puts some water down for their guide dogs.

That’s all, I’ve got a door to paint.



Pontefract Art Club