A&E threat ‘final straw’

Am I the only person to be amazed by some of the articles and letters in the Express concerning Pontefract Hospital?

I now understand that our MPs have been misled. How? We all knew what we were going to end up with, and so should they. They were all told often enough by their constituents. They were all happy to be photographed every week while telling us that thanks to them we would have a great hospital.

The MPs in question have such large majorities that they are unaccountable. But I suspect that the people of Pontefract and district who are being left with a mere shadow of the hospital they had will not forget them, in particular Yvette Cooper. The final straw being the possible removal of A&E. Let’s hope they buy lots more ambulances to transport casualties around Yorkshire.

Talking of accountability, I notice that Ms Cooper’s surgery is by appointment but it only lasts for one hour. I think that the area deserves much longer to hold its MP accountable. What a mess they have got us in.


Elm Close