A fund of tales to tell

GLAD you liked my contribution to the unemployment debates (Express Letters March 8).

In the meantime I’ve been evaluating my few talents and deciding how to progress out of this hole I’m in. With a life full of interesting experiences I’ve concluded I have a fund of tales to tell.

Rest easy folks, I’m not going to bore everyone with another boring autobiography! Instead I’ll change a few details, particularly names to protect the guilty/avoid tiresome legal distractions and write some fiction and a few travel guides, after I’ve taken creative writing and drawing courses.

Travel to them will be easier by September as I turn 60 late in August and will qualify for a bus pass, which I have plans for.

I don’t plan upon lecturing or the celebrity thing. Qualifications that I don’t have are needed to follow such career paths. Scruffy ‘invisible’ background work is more my thing than suits and long speeches.


Queen’s Avenue