A hop, skip and a jump is all in a day’s work!

Rabbit jumping
Rabbit jumping

Bouncing bunnies practised their showjumping skills at Farmer Copley’s in Featherstone last weekend.

Hurdling hares and rabbits from Yorkshire and beyond took a leap of faith over their obstacles as part of training for national events.

Rabbit Jumping UK organise the sessions which also include advice on how owners can care for their long-eared friends and have them microchipped.

Kayleigh Hopkinson, secretary of the group, said: “We want to educate people about the welfare of rabbits. Many people don’t realise how much hard work goes into owning one and they’re the third most popular pet after cats and dogs.

“We also want to teach people about rabbit jumping too. It’s local and free, so come and have a go.”

The next practices will be held on May 18 and June 30th and the public can attend.