A mayor isn’t what we need

I read Sir William O’Brien’s response to Joan Starks’ letter (Express, June 7) regarding provision of beds at the new Pontefract Hospital.

I find it somewhat bewildering when he suggests to Joan Starks that she gives her support to his campaign for a mayor of Pontefract. Somehow I believe that for most Pomfretians in these difficult financial times a mayor is the very least of their concerns. I hardly think having a mayor will improve the hospital bed situation, or indeed create more civic pride among the people as Sir William suggests. Having worked in Pontefract most of my life, including some years at the hospital, I am sure that the people of the town, especially in today’s climate, would put the need for a mayor way down on their list of priorities!

A mayor will simply mean more expense for the town at a time when we are all trying to economise. More expenses to be claimed by this proposed civic head, all the regalia that goes with the position, not to mention the obligatory expensive limousine with a chauffeur to complete the picture.

Perhaps Sir William has a candidate in mind for this cushy number?


Jubilee Bungalows,