A return to old ideology?

IT seems that the old guard and ideology from the Thatcher years – hit the workers when you can and as hard as you can, even if you have to do a U-turn and savage those who helped to beat the section of society the government wanted to crush into submission, such as the miners – is prevalent in the government today.

There was a section of the miners who helped the Thatcher government defeat the miners’ strike with the promise of no axe falling on this group when the miners were defeated and mines were closed.

What did Thatcher and her government do? They turned on this section and decimated their coalfields and villages.

Now we have the minister for health of the current government proposing that any hospital in an area of low income must have the staff’s wages cut to match the low income of that area, but any hospital that backs the government will not be touched.

So people can see the same promise now and when Thatcher was in power rearing its ugly head – will there be a nasty sting in the tail?

Once the nursing and medical staff have left these low income areas’ hospitals to work in more affluent areas, leaving the low income area hospitals under staffed, the government can close these hospitals and put more staff on the dole and sell these hospitals to private concerns – thus the start of privatisation of the NHS which this government promises is not in their policies or their thinking.

When this government was in opposition they decried Labour for not putting enough bodies on the streets in the police, fire brigades and the NHS.

Now in power, they have terminated nearly 20,000 police, NHS and fire brigade staff that Labour put in place.

The rescue services around our shores have been hit as well by this government. Where will it end or how far will this government decimate these institutions and their workers?


Little Lane