Academy bright sparks meet mayor

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BUDDING entrepreneurs and councillors met the Mayor of Wakefield as part of networking event to learn about business and the community.

Students from Castleford Academy visited the town’s civic centre to meet Coun Tony Wallis and were given the chance to ask questions on his life as mayor.

The pupils, who represent the school council, were treated to their day out for their commitment and dedication to their work.

Angie Cockcroft, school support staff and event organiser, said: “The students thoroughly enjoyed meeting the mayor and community group leaders.

“Business cards were eagerly exchanged in the hope that students will have the opportunity to be involved in future community events.

“It was a delightful, exciting event to be at –like a tea party with the mayor. The children learned such a lot and were chatting away with the mayor and business people.”

Children took the chance to ask community volunteers about their work and ask business leaders how they started out.

After meeting the mayor and mayoress, year ten student, Stacey Whitehead, 15, said she felt “very honoured” to have spent time with them.

Coun Wallis handed over the chains of office to Coun Ros Lund last week.