Action to tackle bullies

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IT is always good to read comments from those leaving our schools not having suffered bullying (‘Thanks to teachers’ Express letters, May 31).

I am an anti-bullying campaigner aware of the thousands of children so severely bullied, they suffer anxiety illness (their immune system turns on itself, the symptoms are horrific), eating disorders, self-harm and some commit suicide.

Bullying takes place in all schools, regardless of how good the school appears to be dealing with the problem.

No child should live in fear of attending their next school term, nor live in fear in their communities due to behaviour of bullies, some of these children commit suicide.

I doubt bullies consider how they would feel in future if the suffering they inflict on their victims, were their own child on the receiving end of it?

I wish to appeal to those suffering in our schools to speak out and not suffer in silence, as many do. I am aware of great work in the planning to tackle the menace of bullying/cyber bullying.

The system as it stands favours the bullies, the ones with the luxury of choice.

They can choose to end the ordeal of victims. Victims of this menace have no luxury of choice.


The Silent Voice Campaign