Airedale students explore impact of alcohol in new play

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Performing arts students have been exploring the impact of anti-social behaviour and alcohol in a new play.

The young people from Airedale Academy teamed up with Spectrum Health, Castleford’s neighbourhood police team and residents from Reflections House in Castleford to research the issues first.

They then performed the play at Airedale Academy Phoenix Theatre on June 15 for elected members, West Yorkshire Police and guests including Pontefract and Castleford MP Yvette Cooper. It will also be performed to all year groups at the academy and to statutory organisations as part of Safeguarding Week later in the month.

The performance looked at anti-social behaviour and highlighted how alcohol can result in poor judgment and dangerous risk-taking with unforeseen consequences. The play is aimed at younger students and was designed to be thought provoking, and start conversations about why some people get involved in anti-social behaviour and go on to commit crime.

Ms Cooper said: “I was completely blown away by the talent and commitment from the students. They were great at getting the consequences of anti-social behaviour across in a way that other students will relate to. I’m sure this project will have a lasting impact on our community.”

The scheme was organised as part of the Castleford Community Alcohol Partnership - made up of members from local authorities, police, schools, retailers, neighbourhood groups and health providers - which aims to reduce the sale of alcohol to young people and advise them on the dangers of drinking alcohol and the potential consequences this can have.