Ambulance staff praise

REGARDING the letter ‘Ambulance delay anger’ (Express, February 9) I would like to praise our ambulance service on the fine work they do.

Yes, at times there are delays but you ask any ambulance crew why there was a delay and it will not be through any lack of effort on their part.

Any emergency call made to the ambulance service will be prioritised, any crew member responding to a call will endeavour to get there as fast as they can but in a safe manner.

Traffic at a certain point in that journey will cause delays, there is nothing an ambulance driver can do but try to negotiate this traffic. It’s amazing how many drivers refuse to move out of the way for a blue light or are unable to do so.

On Monday February 6 I was about to leave Knottingley Sports Centre when I was made aware by staff that an ambulance had been called to assist a man taken ill in the changing rooms with a suspected heart attack.

As I am a qualified emergency medical ttechnician (ambulance crew, but do not work direct for the NHS) I asked if they needed assistance until the ambulance arrived, which they acepted.

I proceeded to treat the patient. The two staff at the sports centre were very professional, did not panic and were very helpful.

While waiting for the ambulance to arrive I was kept up to date that it was being treated as an emergency and they would be there as soon as possible, they also had to get through traffic and the snow.

When the crew arrived they were fully prepared and got to work immediately. Both the paramedic and the advanced technician treated everyone with respect, explained everything to the patient and worked as a team.

The sports centre staff stayed with the man throughout and did brilliant job talking to him and his wife.

This was all done without any major fuss or impact on any other users of the sports centre.

I have spoken to the man’s wife since and he is doing fine, I would like to say well done to the sports centre staff, and to the ambulance crew, you are a credit to yourselves.

If any complaints should be made it’s to the goverment for the cutbacks to resources being put into the ambulance service.


Sandringham Avenue