Anger at ‘disrespect’ to father’s grave

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An angry Castleford family haveaccused Wakefield Council of ‘disrespect’ after piling earth over their father’s grave.

Katie Boyle, 52, said she and her mother June, 75, made the shocking discovery just two weeks after the funeral of her father Bernard ‘Barney’ Boyle at Healdfield Cemetery in Castleford.

She said: “We’ve been going up to the grave every day to keep it tidy, but on Friday earth had been thrown over the grave, his floral tributes were taken off.

“I’m so angry and my mum is still so upset. It’s been a stressful enough time without this. We’ve had to cope with losing my dad suddenly and his grave has been treated with such disrespect.”

Mr Boyle, formerly of Lower Cambridge Street, Castleford, died aged 75, five weeks ago after a short illness.

Miss Boyle, of Albert Place, Methley, added the family had already been upset during thefuneral by the presence of the gravediggers.

She added: “They were sat in their van at the side of the grave during the service eating their sandwiches, waiting to fill it in.”

Glynn Humphries, service director with responsibility for cemeteries and crematoria, said: “We have spoken to the family and apologised for any distress caused. We explain that so others can be laid to rest, we do need to dig plots from time to time, which can affect adjoining graves.

“While we do try to make owners of graves aware of this, we also appreciate that the covering of a grave may cause distress and so keep the time a grave is covered to a minimum. Every care was taken to reinstate the area following the work.

“We are also concerned to hear about the family’s experience during the funeral as it is important to us staff remain discreet until the end of the service, and will be looking into this to make sure it does not happen again.”