Appeal for action on job losses

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ONCE again Remploy of Pontefract is under threat of closure, but this time it looks like there will be no reprieve, the wolves are gathering for the kill in the guise of the Conservative government.

We have seen many businesses going to the wall over the last couple of years, the gaps in the high street are testament to this fact.

These are vital sources of employment, ones that are not being replaced, not only business but also we have seen the downsizing of the hospital, which has led to the loss of many jobs in the community.

If this is not bad enough, the court house is shutting down and the police station is due to be relocated down at Normanton.

To compound the problem we are experiencing job losses across the public sector, it was said that the private sector would take up the slack, but that is not happening.

I want to know what our MP Yvette Cooper is planning to do about it.

She is good at making fine speeches but she is well short on action, it is about time she actually did something constructive for her electorate.

The trouble is the Labour Party’s failure when in government has given the Conservatives the opportunity to do what they have always wanted to do and that is dismantle the public sector.

We are now at the mercy of the public school millionaires and all we have to defend ourselves is the likes of Ms Cooper and her cohorts, things are not good.


North Baileygate