Appeal lodged over rejected showmen’s site

An appeal has been lodged against a decision to reject controversial plans for a showmen’s site on green belt land.

An application to base seven residential caravans, storage and maintenance of vehicles and equipment on land off Newstead Lane, Fitzwilliam, was refused by Wakefield Council’s planning committee in March this year.

Councillors were concerned about site drainage, the potential risk of flooding, highways issues and the harm such a development would cause to the green belt land.

Applicant Renny Mulhearn, on behalf of the Fairlodge Group, has now lodged an appeal against the decision and an inquiry is expected to be held in March next year.

More than 1,200 people objected to the proposals when they were first submitted.

Campaigners said that the land should be preserved and that the showmen’s site would create traffic chaos and devalue their properties.

Hemsworth Town Council submitted its own objection and raised concerns about highways safety, flood risk and the fact the land is greenbelt.

Town council leader Tony Upson said the councillors will ‘100 per cent continue’ their fight against the proposals.

He said: “We are still against the plans. We are not against showmen people but feel that it is a totally inappropriate development on our green belt. We feel there is other land which is more suitable for this type of development.”

A two-day inquiry is expected to be held at County Hall in Wakefield from Tuesday, March 22.

Mr Mulhearn confirmed an appeal had been lodged but refused to comment further.