Appeal over drive dangers

I DRIVE 60 miles a day to and from work.

Daily I see people still using their phones. This offence can result in three points on your licence and up to £1,000 fine, why? Because it is dangerous.

A hands free headset costs £15. Is it so difficult to stop the car and safely deal with the call?

I recently saw a young girl trying to steer her car through school traffic with her left hand which contained a lit cigarette while talking on her cell phone which was in her right hand. What stupidity.

While driving at 70 mph on a motorway I was recently overtaken by “white van man” who was steering his van with his elbows and texting with both hands. I see this as no less dangerous than drink-driving and I believe it should carry an automatic ban.

Drivers frequently drift from lane to lane without using their indicators, relying on other motorists being telepathic. This is both lazy and dangerous behaviour.

The outside lane on any motorway is often inhabited with Audi, BMW and Range Rover travelling well in excess of 90mph.

It is a law breaker’s paradise on the roads at the moment as police chiefs seem to have withdrawn most of the patrols in order to reduce costs.

I would suggest they are failing in their duty of care to protect the law abiding general public in an attempt to balance the books.

So it would appear we have to wait until a speeding motorist, who is busy texting and causes a serious accident, before we are blessed with the presence of a police car.


Hadleigh Rise