Astronauts’ ‘inspirational’ visits

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NO doubt you have heard the news about the death of Neil Armstrong on Saturday.

Over the past few years I have brought six Apollo astronauts to Pontefract to talk to children at Carleton Community High School.

The children get to meet these men free and the visit is paid for by sale of tickets for an evening public lecture.

The talks to children are very inspirational, they tell them that by not abusing drugs and alcohol they too can reach for the stars!

All the astronauts said how much they had enjoyed the visit to Pontefract.

The six Astronauts are moonwalkers Charlie Duke, Alan Bean, Buzz Aldrin and Edgar Mitchell. Fred Haise of Apollo 13 and Dick Gordon, command module pilot on Apollo 12.

There are seven billion people on earth and only 12 have stood on the moon and we are fortunate that four of them have been to our town.

Charlie Duke will be here again on Saturday October 20 at Carleton providing another opportunity for the people of Pontefract who didn’t meet him on his last visit to do so this time round.

We have just lost Neil Armstrong and all the other Apollo astronauts are reaching an age where they will not want to travel to England much longer.

People should grasp the chance to meet these history makers before it is too late! Pontefract should be proud that four men who have stood on the moon have also set foot in our town!


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