Awards night line-up revealed

two steps forward
two steps forward

The big news this week comes from the Wakefield and Pontefract Concert Secretaries Federation, which has just announced the line-up for its annual awards show.

The honour of presenting the show has this year gone to hardworking singer and charity fundraiser Sheldon Bonner, who I know will be very proud to have been chosen for the role.

The chosen acts in each category are as follows – best male singer Trevor Craig, best female singer Ellie Gent, best comedy entertainer James Brandon, best duo Two Steps Forward and best band Carefree.

Federation official Raymond Griffiths was in touch with the news and he has also kindly invited me along on the night.

The venue chosen to stage the show is Carlton WMC, between Wakefield and Rothwell and the big night is on November 2. The evening is intended to showcase talent and recognise talent from the immediate area and I do hope to go along.

Checking my records the only act I haven’t yet seen on my travels is Ellie Gent, although I only enjoyed a fleeting look at singer Trevor Craig in a recent talent show final. I hope to include more news from our local federation regarding its October showcase in next week’s column.

Barry Nicholls from Townville Recreation Club in Castleford was in touch with news of a wide variety of tribute acts being booked into his club.

I’m sure that many people will want to check out the forthcoming events at this popular club by popping in and taking a look.

In the meantime, Barry commented on my mention in last week’s column of the prospects for survival of many of our clubs.

Barry wrote: “While we agree that the smoking ban has not helped in keeping the clubs running, the same can be said for the supermarkets, with their competitive pricing structure against each other, which is forcing the clubs into even further difficulties.”

I hear that local band Afterglow made a successful visit to Woodhouse Hill Club in Normanton last weekend. This popular venue, known locally as the Linnet, has a fine concert room and it would be great to see them staging more band nights.

Genre tribute band Heroes are always popular whenever and wherever they appear and Moorthorpe Empire Club is the place to catch these guys this weekend when they take the stage on Sunday evening. Don’t be late!

Castleford singer Craige Anthony has recently launched himself as a comedy entertainer, and coincidentally I was working with him the first time he tried the new act out last summer.

Craige is a fine singer and he comes from a real clubland family. This busy entertainer must be doing something right, as I hear that he is busy doing working for a well-known chain of foreign holiday hotels, where he entertains the British guests in various Canary Island hot-spots.

Craige can be seen a bit closer to home this weekend when he takes the stage at Lofthouse Gate Club on Saturday night. Why not go along and have a laugh?

I understand that the new Friday night shows at Alverthorpe WMC and Crigglestone WMC have both started well. The excellent Roadhouse appeared with great success a couple of weeks ago at Alverthorpe, while the visit to Crigg by the new nostalgia show was equally popular.

This weekend Crigglestone WMC is set to welcome Black Lace singer Dene Michael for a solo Friday night appearance.

I’m afraid I don’t really watch much television, but it was pointed out to me that Dene is currently appearing on our small screens on a series of adverts for a travel website.

The advert is a send-up of the Black Lace party hit Do The Conga and I’m sure that Dene and the gang will all benefit from the exposure.

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