Bad weather was priority

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I AM disappointed at Linda Mitchell’s statement that council workmen did nothing during the bad weather (Express, January 6).

Binmen, roadsweepers, gardeners and highway workers were shovelling snow eight hours a day from schools, doctors’ surgeries, shelterered housing and other priority areas while they could not do their jobs.

In fact, apart from maybe two days, binmen were doing their full rounds, struggling in the bad weather.

All these workers had to dig themselves out of their streets to get to work in the first place.

Cleansing staff work every day of the year apart from Christmas Day, highway staff during the bad weather work up to 60 hours a week snow clearing. Do not say they are sitting doing nothing. With hundreds of thousands of streets in the district they can not clear them all, even working round the clock.

Linda, did you pick up a shovel to clear your bit or is it not in your job description? Snow clearance, floods and school fire clearance is not in council worker’s job description, but it does not stop them doing a hard day’s work when these occur.



Union convenor

Gills Yard