Band’s big break with rock legends

Euphoria Audio
Euphoria Audio
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Music newcomers Euphoria Audio are flying high after playing to thousands of people in Singapore by supporting rock giants Aerosmith.

The four piece, whose drummer and bassist hail from Featherstone, played their biggest gig to date when they opened for the American music legends last week.

Drummer, Josh Hughes, 22, said playing in front of 12,000 fans at the ‘Singapore Social’ music event was a surreal experience.

He said: “The show was awesome. When we walked on, it was just amazing, Singapore fans are so cool.

“Even though they didn’t know us, they were really interactive. We had a lot of people coming up to us saying they really liked our music, which was great.

“It took a while to sink in.”

After the show Josh and his brother Ben, 28, singer Matt Shirty, 28, and guitarist Ben Lloyd, 26, swapped music tips and tales with Aerosmith star Steve Tyler at a VIP party.

Josh, of Willow Lane, North Featherstone, said: “He seemed really pleased to meet the people supporting him.

“He was such a cool guy, you’d expected after so many years he wouldn’t be that bothered but he was really humble and had the time for us.”