Band toots horn for safe return

MUSICAL instruments worth thousands of pounds belonging to a Knottingley brass band – which were stolen after a concert at the weekend – have been recovered.

The percussion instruments, music stands and scores belonging to Knottingley Concert Brass – which were in a trailer parked outside band founder Graham Dean’s house in Pontefract – were stolen in the early hours of Monday morning.

Mr Dean said police had found most of the instruments in woods in South Kirkby but the trailer was still missing, along with two timpani drums worth £4,000.

Mr Dean added: “The whole band is over the moon that we’ve got instruments and scores back because they are vital to our four summer concerts coming up over the next few months.

“The trailer was at my house after a concert in Goole on Saturday night. I got up on Monday to take it back to Ferrybridge Power Station, where we normally keep it in a locked compound, but I was stunned to see the whole trailer had gone.

“We have not got the trailer back and that is a huge loss for us, the two timpani drums, which are worth almost £2,000 each, have also gone, but we have got the music back which I hope we will have for our next practice.”

Mr Dean added: “I believe the trailer went missing between 11pm and 6am, and whoever did knew what they were doing because the trailer is quite sophisticated and was very secure.

“It is a massive blow for the band and we were all devastated when we heard the news, thankfully the big percussion instruments are insured.”

Anyone with information about the theft should call the non-emergency help number 101.