Bike advice for Jono

MAY I, via the Express, welcome Jono Lancaster to cycling.

However there’s one fact he needs to address urgently. He, like all cyclists, needs third party insurance cover.

Since ‘no win, no fee’ legal action came in, everyone is at risk of being sued into bankruptcy.

This is why the Autumn Tints group recently had to be closed down.

In the absence of cover the whole membership was liable for one mishap and the costs of a small organisation covering its members were extortionate.

So one needs to be a member of either one of the big cycling groups, British Cycling, Cyclists’ Touring Club or Triathlon England or an affiliated club.

I suggest that he should be talking to BBM or Featherstone Road Club given his aims.

A cycling friend informed me, this week, that a lot of previous cyclothon regulars are complaining that ‘£20 is too much for a bike ride.’ Fortunately I was able to allay concerns. It is only the long ‘green’ route that costs £20, the shorter ‘yellow’ and ‘orange’ routes of 30 and 45 miles respectively cost £10 to enter.

I have agreed to ‘sweep’ the 30-mile yellow route. All I do is follow about 20 to 30 minutes behind the ride to ensure that the route is clear of all riders wearing yellow numbers, so please don’t hide them.

As Jono’s just starting out I further suggest that he ought to ride the yellow route with us. Compared with several hundred, 30 miles is just a nice little run. Little runs lead to longer ones and enable you to improve your technique.


Queen’s Avenue