Bike rack removal prompts cyclist’s rage

Val Ely has slammed Asda for removing its bike racks.
Val Ely has slammed Asda for removing its bike racks.
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A keen cyclist has slammed a supermarket for removing its bicycle racks from the front of the store.

University health lecturer Val Ely claims she has spoken to management at the Asda store in Glass Houghton several times over the last six months about the disappearance of the cycle racks, only to be “fobbed off” by staff.

The regular shopper says she is frustrated by the lack of secure facilities to leave her bike while shopping in the Leeds Road store since the racks were removed last Christmas.

Mr Ely, of Carleton Avenue, Glass Houghton, said: “On many occasions I’ve stopped the manager and asked about it, and I have had such a variation in stories, ranging from ‘I didn’t know they had gone’, to ‘we won’t be able to get them back’, to ‘they’re on order.’

“I just feel fobbed off. I’m trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle and reduce vehicle congestion but I have nowhere safe and secure to lock my bike.”

Mrs Ely, 53, said the racks were well used by other cyclists and she has now resorted to going to the store on foot.

She added: “It was very rare it was just my bike there. It’s the only superstore in Castleford and you now can’t get to it on a pushbike. If there was another supermarket nearby, I wouldn’t go to Asda.”

A spokesman for the company said: “We apologise for any confusion caused. The cycle racks were removed as part of some work being done to the store and we expect the replacement racks to be installed shortly.’’