Bouncing back and fighting fit

Two-year-old Kian Hawkins with his mum Sharron, Streethouse
Two-year-old Kian Hawkins with his mum Sharron, Streethouse
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BRAVE toddler Kian Hawkins has been nominated as a champion child after bouncing back from two life-saving operations.

The Streethouse youngster was diagnosed with a rare heart condition at two days old and underwent major surgery at just one-week-old.

The two-year-old tot had a second operation shortly after his first birthday to repair the middle of his heart – a condition called atriventricular septal defect (AVSD).

His proud mum, Sharron Hawkins, said: “He’s a little monkey. Everyone said he would be behind in his development because of the time he spent in hospital, but since his second surgery, he’s come on unbelievably in leaps and bounds.

“He just takes everything in his stride, it didn’t seem to bother him at all. He’s just amazing, you look at him and you wouldn’t think he had gone through anything.”

Kian made a dramatic return to hospital two days after he was born when his mum realised he looked ill.

He was rushed to Leeds General Infirmary where doctors told his devastated family he had a rare condition where the middle of his heart was missing.

The youngster underwent emergency surgery and battled through recovery to his first birthday then had a second operation in March 2010.

Mrs Hawkins, of Meadway, said: “If you ask him to show you his ‘special’, he’ll jump up and show off his scars. He’s not ashamed of them, he’s really proud of them which is something I wanted to make sure of.

“When he starts school I want him to know it’s not something he should be ashamed of, he’s got them because he’s a special little boy.”

Kian and his family – which includes brothers Liam, 13, Connagh, seven and Louis, four, – are now looking forward to their first stress-free Christmas.

Mrs Hawkins, 33, said: “It’s been an upheaval for all the boys, but now it’s settling down and we’re looking forward to Christmas because we don’t have to worry.

“His brothers all look after him, and Kian is just like any other normal boy now.

“He tires out easier than other children but he just has an afternoon sleep and then he’s bouncing off the walls again.

“He’s making up for all those months he was poorly.”