Boxing club’s hopes for new home

Yvette Cooper with Levi Johnson at Airedale Boxing Club.  (p603b411)
Yvette Cooper with Levi Johnson at Airedale Boxing Club. (p603b411)

A boxing club which is “going from strength to strength” is on the look-out for new premises.

Officials at Airedale Boxing Club say they are having to turn away new members as the club’s current home in Kershaw Business Centre is not big enough.

Pontefract and Castleford MP Yvette Cooper pledged her support for the club when she visited the Kershaw Avenue building on Friday.

Chris Irving, club coach, said: “We’ve been going for more than 13 years now and we’ve gone from strength to strength.

“It’s got to the point where we have literally outgrown where we are at the moment.”

The club, run by three volunteer coaches, offers boxing training for adults and children aged over ten.

It also offers an eight-week fitness programme for youngsters who aren’t interested in boxing.

Mr Irving added: “If you look at the statistics, Airedale is probably one of the worst for unemployment and crime.

“That’s why it is such an important facility in the area. We’ve had parents come in and tell us what a difference their child attending the club has had.”

Ms Cooper said: “Airedale Boxing Club is doing some fantastic work with local children and it’s a real testament to the commitment of all the staff who put in their own time, that it’s become so popular.

“The training, exercise and discipline that young people learn make a real difference and thanks to Nicola Adams, lots more youngsters – girls as well as boys – are keen to sign up.

“That’s why I’m backing the club’s campaign to find new premises so they can expand and offer lessons to even more children.”

The club is calling for the public’s support to find a new home. If you can help, contact Mr Irving on 07834 561377.