Breath of fresh air for park?

Valley Gardens in Castleford. (P512A338)
Valley Gardens in Castleford. (P512A338)

Campaigners have joined forces to help improve a “neglected” park in Castleford.

An action group has been set up to help revive the play areas and park at the Valley Gardens, off Lower Oxford Street.

The Valley Gardens Action Group held a public meeting last month in a bid to encourage community support for the scheme.

Ian Dixon, group chairman, said: “We would like to set up a Friends of Valley Gardens group to campaign and seek grants to improve the park.

“There is a lot that could be done to make the Valley Gardens a much better facility for local people but the council is very limited in what it can afford.

“However, if a local community group gets involved, there are lots of sources of funding they can tap into which aren’t available to the council on its own.

“The experience with other parks in Castleford shows they can be transformed when a friends group and the council work together.

“There is no reason why the same thing cannot happen with the Valley Gardens if local people rally round.”

The Valley Gardens Action Group will start by carrying out a survey to find out the priorities of local people, then it hopes to draw up plans and look for funding.

The group is also keen to get nearby schools involved.

For more information contact Ian Dixon on 07791 682391.