Brian’s grand picture project

Brian Lewis has started a project to draw 1000 drawings before his 75th birthday.
Brian Lewis has started a project to draw 1000 drawings before his 75th birthday.

ARTIST Brian Lewis has sketched out plans to mark his 75th birthday with a 1,000-picture challenge.

Mr Lewis – who turned 74 last December – is hoping to brush up on his drawing skills after being inspired by the memoirs of Japanese artist Hokusai who famously painted The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

Mr Lewis, of Linden Terrace, Pontefract, said he now aims to produce 1,000 drawings for a self-improvement project which will be showcased at various exhibitions throughout the year.

He said: “In 1834 the artist Hokusai he wrote in his journal ‘none of the works done before my 70th year are worth keeping’ – that was written in the autumn of his 74th year.

“Urged on by his example, in December I decided to hone my drawing skills and show too that I am old man mad about drawing. So I could have guidelines and a target I decided I would see if I could do 1,000 drawings in a year.

“It’s the idea that a guy wants to know if he can still draw.”

Mr Lewis has already done around 500 drawings – using only a lithographic crayon and high quality paper – based on political and satirical themes.

He hopes to celebrate the end of the project with a big exhibition at the end of the year.

He added: “I’ll do more than 1,000 drawings because I’m trying to reteach myself these skills, there’s a self-development element there. I’ve even started drawing with an iPad because I want to know I can do it, that’s what drives me.

“I’m interested in improving my skills even at 74, when most people are saying ‘give it up Brian, do some resting’.”