Burglar leads cops to £12k of cannabis

Cannabis farm found in Southgate, Pontefract town centre
Cannabis farm found in Southgate, Pontefract town centre

A CANNABIS farm was discovered in a Pontefract house after a man tried breaking into the property.

Police were called to reports of a man smashing a window with a lump hammer and kicking down a door on Southgate on Saturday evening.

When officers inspected the damage to the building they could smell the drugs and found 52 cannabis plants, with a street value of around £12,000, inside.

Sgt Alan Studd of Pontefract and Knottingley neighbourhood police team (NPT) said: “This was a great result for our team and we have managed to stop someone’s business.

“It was a professional set up with 52 plants growing in three of the rooms upstairs.

“They had taped up the windows with plastic to keep in the smell, so when the window was smashed the aroma just broke out.”

A local man was later arrested for attempted burglary and has been released on police bail.

Anyone with any information should contact the NPT on 101.