Call for change to metal theft law

IT is good that local MP Yvette Cooper is calling for changes in the law on metal theft (Express February 16), not just for the residents of Rhodes Street and industry but also for those we do not hear about suffering the same theft.

When one looks at the problem one cause may well be obvious with the adverts on radio and posters, the phrases “good hard cash” and “cash waiting”.

Straight away that speaks of the praise of easy pickings and the incentive for people without scruples to go for them.

I read somewhere that on the Continent they no longer pay cash but the money goes into the accounts of registeredscrap metal collectors, and such crime is non-existent.

Surely what would be a good idea would be to do something similar with amounts exceeding the value of £20 or maybe even lower, along with written proof that the scrap was obtained legitimately.

As for the DIY enthusiast, weighing in his central heating boiler here, proof of ownership could suffice, and there should be no problem paying the money into their account.

The above measures I feel would go a long way in reducing this type of crime, and the cash limit would not or should not be to the detriment of those who collect aluminium cans for good causes.

The sooner the government can pass this law, the better for society, so I wish Yvette every success in her endeavours.


Lower Oxford Street