Call for council leader to resign

IF you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got, unless the world changes, which is why Wakefield is 147th out of 150 in the HM Inspector’s report on primary school place availability and performance.

In her response to the Express, Coun Rowley accepts that other education authorities can, and do, perform better.

The difference between Camden and Wakefield is that Camden has a very clear focus on education and achievement. In Wakefield, education was amalgamated with social services under one director in 2006 and the focus shifted.

With a majority of 41, and over 38 years of control of the district, the Labour group has developed its own way of working, is used to its own way and at times that results in delusions of adequacy.

This is simply not good enough. It’s interesting that Coun Box can draw-down funding from central government and other sources for a variety of projects, but Coun Rowley complains that they cannot find money to fund educational specialists.

Well, that says more about the priorities of this council than it does about my group or this government and Coun Box, as leader, should be ashamed.

It is easy for Coun Rowley to talk about the need for lobbying, and in fact lobbying is one of the things that we do regularly. But in terms of the education grant to Wakefield, that is ring fenced and it’s her department, and her leader Coun Box, who set the direction for the council.

Typically, if we try to be supportive in the council chamber we meet the same sort of contempt or derision that Coun Rowley shows in her letter by not addressing the central issue.

The questions still remain unanswered. Why, using her numbers, are 42 out of 100 primary school pupils disadvantaged?

For how many years has this underachievement blighted young people in our district?

What is the leader going to do about it and why is he showing contempt for the young people of the district by not answering these questions?

Coun Box you have been the leader of this council since 1998, if you can’t resolve this you should consider your position and go.


Leader – Conservative Group

Wakefield District Council