Cannabis farm sparks house fire in Glass Houghton

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A cannabis farm sparked a house fire in Glass Houghton.

Firefighters were called to a property on Briggs Avenue at around 2.40pm yesterday (Wednesday).

A fire service spokseman said crews discovered cannabis plants growing in the property which led to an overload of the electricity supply and sparked a fire.

Insp Dave Bugg, of the Castleford neighbourhood policing team, said: “Officers were called to the scene and found a small number of cannabis plants growing there which looked to have caused the fire.

“This is an example of the dangers of growing cannabis and overloading electricity supplies. The incident could have ended in tragedy.”

Insp Bugg added a 30-year-old man was arrested and given a police caution.

Anyone who suspects cannabis is being grown near them should contact police on 101.