Carney ready for hot reception on return to Castleford

Justin Carney, in action for Castleford Tigers last season.
Justin Carney, in action for Castleford Tigers last season.

Tank on the flank Justin Carney is gearing up for the reception he will receive on Sunday from fans who used to idolise him when he makes his first return to Castleford Tigers after joining Salford Red Devils on loan.

The Australian winger joined Sunday’s visitors to the Mend-A-Hose Jungle Salford in the off-season after initially being suspended by the Tigers over allegations concerning his private life.

This Sunday’s Super League game will be the first time Carney, who scored 63 tries in 62 games for Castleford, has faced his former team-mates.

On his return to Castleford, he said: “It is what it is. I have said before it was my own doing so I have got to suffer the consequences but try to play my own game.

“Cas’ fans are pretty vocal, but they are great fans.

“But Cas is a tough team so I can’t let them get to me because they are dark horses this year, I think.

“I have got to be on my game and can’t let that [any abuse] get to me.”

Asked if he will celebrate, should he bag a try, Carney said: “If I score.

“I have only scored once this year. I reckon I have a bit of a curse on me at the minute.

“At this minute I couldn’t tell you what I would do.

“I’ll just crack on and if I manage to score it will be a bonus.

“I have got a big job to do anyway. So, I will worry about that when it comes.”