Castleford boss: There’s loads more improvement in us

Castleford Tigers forward Grant Millington shows his determination in the game against Wakefield.
Castleford Tigers forward Grant Millington shows his determination in the game against Wakefield.

Despite crossing for seven tries against Wakefield Wildcats, head coach Daryl Powell believes there is still a lot more to come from his Castleford Tigers team in attack.

In a warning to the Tigers’ Super League rivals, Powell does not think the team is up to full speed yet and will get better once the rain finally stops and they get to play on much firmer pitches.

He said: “With the ball I still think there’s loads more improvement in us, but (against Wakefield) we did improve from the previous week and there were some real good signs from the team.

“Collectively we were a pretty strong team and there were some good individual performances in there. But again I just think there’s a lot of improvement in us. Obviously fields are pretty soft at the minute, making it difficult.

“Luke Dorn looked sharp. His timing and skill round the back of some of our plays was high quality and some of his decision making was great.

“Denny Solomona’s second try is a world class finish. How he gets that down I’ve no absolutely no clue. It’s an unbelievable finish.

“I think I said that last time after the warm-up game, but he does some special things in terms of getting the ball down.

“Denny’s another one who will keep improving. He’s working hard and that finish you don’t practice. You don’t practice getting into those types of positions that often, but that was very special.

“I remember back to when I was watching Denny play the year before at London and I thought he’d got a bit of something special this kid. Whether he has or not, I thought he’d be a really good player.

“Certainly as a finisher he’s right up there in terms of quality and there’s still loads of development and improvement in him that we’re going to see over the next few years.”

The left edge attack is functioning well again for Cas as it did last year and Powell reckons the fans will soon see the best of the players on the other side when they get used to playing alongside each other.

He said: “Joel Monaghan hasn’t quite got on the end of things as much as Denny in the short time he’s been here, but that will come, no doubt about that.

“We’re still building some of the combinations on our right edge. I thought they defended well. They got put under pressure at Hull KR and didn’t do a great job, but they were big improvers in terms of our defensive shape.

“I would give them a big pat on the back because they got a bit rattled last week.

“Obviously Benny Roberts, Crooksy and Joel Monaghan are finding their feet with each other and getting better. It was a step forward from their perspective.

“Wakefield had a fair pop at that side, particularly when they had a fair bit of ball in the first half, and I thought they handled it really well.

“Crooksy’s going to keep improving within what we do. He was pretty good, but there’s more to come, as there is from the team.”

Powell is pleased with the way his team have upped the intensity of their defending so far this season.

He added: “We’ve been great defensively for the vast majority of the two games we’ve played so far so there’s some real pleasing signs.”