Castleford boss unhappy at timing of Salford appeal

Daryl Powell.
Daryl Powell.

Castleford Tigers boss Daryl Powell has criticised the time it has taken for Salford Red Devils’ appeal against their six-point deduction to be heard.

Salford had six points taken off them in April after an independent tribunal found the club guilty of breaching the Rugby League’s salary cap rules.

They were given 14 days in which to lodge an appeal and did so, but it has taken until tomorrow for that appeal to be heard with the possibility that the Red Devils could get some or all of their points back.

If Salford are given their six back it would push Castleford into the bottom four of the Super League with only three games to go to save themselves from having to play in the Middle Eights.

Unhappy Tigers head coach Powell has described the timing as “unfair” to the all the teams who may be involved should Salford be granted their wish.

He said: “It’s late. You only have three games left and why it’s taken this long is a bit ridiculous.

“Everybody’s then working from a different platform and it’s unfair to be honest.

“There’s a few teams that could be impacted on and it should have happened sooner.

“It’s dragged on and on and I don’t know why, it shouldn’t have been that way. It should have been dealt with swiftly.

“If you’ve got 10 games to go at it at least you’ve got some manoeuvrability, but three games to go your mentality changes from what you see at times.

“It shouldn’t have taken this long, where the fault lies I haven’t a clue as I don’t know the process they’ve gone through.”