‘Castleford Tigers are treating fans shabbily’

Regarding the appointment of Steve Gill as permanent chief executive at Castleford Tigers just shows the lack of judgement of whoever is running the club.

His previous job at the club of youth development officer is now just about redundant because of how junior rugby is structured and many clubs do not have a youth development officer. Perhaps he was given the chief executive post to save money but if so, this is definitely false economy.

I’m fighting to find a good reason ge was given the job and the only conclusi9on I can some to is that due diligence was not given when the applications were vetted.

For the same reason I find the appointment of Richard Pell as commercial manager another astonishing decision.

Perhaps the letter writer of Express March 14, was correct when they talked of ‘jobs for the boys’ and ‘yes men’ under the direction of former chief executive Richard Wright.

The club is obviously on a downward spiral and I think these latest appointments will only prove to loyal fans that they are being treated shabbily by a very poorly run club.

Alan Riley

The Poplars