Castleford town centre parking ticket fiasco

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Town centre ticket fiasco

The Express may be able to pass on one of the hazards of car parking in Castleford. Eg. Leaving one’s car in a pay and display roadside parking area, paying the correct fee, and displaying the ticket on the dashboard.

I parked my car on January 25, in the parking area in front of Castleford Railway Station. I walked to the nearest parking meter, opposite the old council offices and put in my 60p for a ticket for one hour parking. I returned to the car and put the ticket on to the right hand side of the dashboard. I then walked into Castleford to do some shopping, returned to car 45 minutes later and to my distress found that I had been issued with a ticket. What had I done wrong, exceeded the waiting time? No. Parked out of the lines? No.

My crime was putting money in the wrong machine. What a load of utter nonsense. I am sure it all goes in the same collecting bag when the machines are emptied.

Let me digress and show how honest I am. A few weeks ago I parked in Castleford Railway Station car park, went to the machine to purchase a ticket for an hour’s parking and found that it was jammed. I had a look into the windscreens of two or three of the other parked cars, some had hand written notes, mentioning the faulty machine, others had nothing. What did this responsible pensioner do? I went to the nearest machine, adjacent to the church, purchased a 60p ticket, put it on the dash and went shopping. I returned an hour later and did not find a yellow bag on the car for putting my money into the wrong machine. I rest my case.

A £45 fine for the alleged ‘offence’ is theft by Wakefield Council. I purchased a correct ticket for the time I parked and have done nothing that warrants the council taking my hard earned money.

M W Hartley

Stablers Walk

In response to Mr Hartley’s letter, Ian Thompson, Wakefield Council’s service director for planning, transport and highways, said: “We are looking into the circumstances of this particular case and will reply to Mr Hartley after doing so.”