Celebrate our English saint

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AS St George’s Day approaches – April 23 if you need to ask – I wonder how many people will celebrate it?

Enquiries of local hostelries have drawn a blank. Why is this? Apart from anything else I would have thought the day was ripe for exploiting the many commercial aspects – St George, the dragon, damsel in distress etc. The list is endless and although many establishments proudly boast St Patrick’s Night, Burns’ Night and so on, poor old St George doesn’t get a look in! Even Pontefract Heritage Group, usually a firm supporter of St George, is not having its usual event due to lack of funds.

Surely, especially in these austere times, we can celebrate one day and be proud to be English. To quote Cecil Rhodes: ‘To have been born an Englishman is to have won first prize in the lottery of life.’

I’ll be wearing my rose (white for Yorkshire) will you?


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